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Why Antioxidants are Vital to the Human Body
by Gill Moreira

The human body needs on average 1500 ppmg ORAC Antioxidants daily to be able to work fighting the oxidation taking place in the cells.

What is Oxidation?
Oxidation is actually a simple process. When something oxidizes, for instance a piece of steel, it starts changing its color. The first sign of oxidation on a piece of steel is red or brown spots that gradually grow on until the steel is completely covered and even destroyed with time. The human body’s cells work the same way. The Oxidation taking place in the cells starts destroying them one by one until it takes over part of the body or a specific organ.

What are Antioxidants?
Antioxidants are substances capable of protecting other substances from oxidation. While our cells use oxygen, they produce free radicals – one of our worst enemies. Antioxidants have the power to literally clean the free radicals and repair the damage they cause. Antioxidants are produced by our body to inhibit the destructive action of free radicals. Nutrients like flavonoids, lycopene, lutein, coenzyme Q10, beta-carotene, Vitamin E and C, and selenium are powerful tools that give our body the weapons to fight against oxidation. Foods that provide us with a significant quantity of these elements are:  flavonoids (soy, pomegranate, purple grapes, tomatoes, cranberries, pink grapefruit); selenium (fish, shellfish, red meat, garlic); vitamin E (vegetable oil, olive oil, nuts and seeds); Vitamin C (citrus fruits, green pepper, broccoli, strawberries); Vitamin A and carotenoids (carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peaches and apricots). To date, however, the single most powerful source of antioxidants is Açaí, a natural health ambrosia whose exceptional antioxidants qualities have recently been discovered by nutritional and medical studies.

acai berry
White part known as the Cell’s Army – Defends the cells against Oxidation attacks
Red part - Establishes communication with other Cells keeping your body Healthy
Rust Brown pigments - Oxidants ready to attack a Cell
Dark Purple pigments - Antioxidants pr­otecting the Cells, keeping the Cell’s Army Strong
Açaí #1 Source of Antioxidants
The Açaí (pronounced ah-sah-ee) tree is a palm that grows in South America, specifically in the Amazon Rain Forest. The small berries that grow on top of this tree are dark violet in color and are known as the Açaí berry. The Açaí berry has the symmetry of a grape and the size of a giant blueberry. It tastes a bit like wild raspberry with a hint of grape. It can only be consumed after extracting the pulp from the berries and freezing immediately after de-pulping.
Hidden for centuries in the deep Amazon Rain Forest, Açaí is a recent discovery that gives tremendous hope. It is the most powerful antioxidant ever known.

How to Consume Açaí

acai berry tree
  • Fills your body with Antioxidants;
  • Increases your energy level;
  • Supplies your body with a huge range of important vitamins and minerals;
  • Effectively combats free radicals;
  • Provides extremely high degree of fibers;
  • Detoxifies your body;
  • Improves your immune system;
Top Products Recommended:
The Frozen Pulp of Açaí
This is the liquid-frozen most natural product.
Freeze Dry Powder
This is the most powerful natural fruit powder available, where you get the most concentration of Antioxidants and Minerals in one single dose. Freeze drying the Açaí pulp increases the amount of all nutrients including the Antioxidants. The ORAC rate for Freeze Dried Açaí is over 1200 ppmg, compared to the ORAC of a Regular Açaí Frozen Pulp being 700 ppmg.



Consumers need to know:  Most of the blended Açaí products on the market are mixed with different flavors and have no more benefit than ordinary juices. Many producers and retailers tend to be more concerned with what goes into their pocket rather than what goes into the consumer. The best Açaí product for your body is the pure Açaí with no carriers and no mixers.

What is the ORAC ?
ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity. ORAC is a technique used to determine the overall antioxidant activity of any biological sample. The ORAC assay measures the actual antioxidant activities of humans, food products, food ingredients, agricultural products, and pharmaceutical products. An average person requires 1670 ORAC each day. In reality, 80% to 90% of people around the world are not consuming even half of the daily requirement for ORACs. A single dosage of a ready-to-eat 7 oz.cup of Organic Açaí Power Sorbet will give you an ORAC level of 3871, more than double the adult daily requirement.

Where to Find the Right Açaí Products


Since 1997 extensive research and development have been undertaken by Universal Taste, Inc., a Brazilian based company with an office in N. Miami Beach, FL. This pioneer company harnessed the technology to capture the nutrient value of Açaí and make it market-ready for the consumer, exporting directly out of the Amazon Rain Forest. Universal Taste has been collaboratively growing its knowledge regarding Açaí and Antioxidants with Brunswick Laboratories in Brazil and the USA. To date, it is a fact that the only way to preserve Antioxidants is to keep them in a frozen and/or freeze dried state. Unless world science comes up with a natural way of preserving Antioxidants (Anthocyanins) in standard liquid format, there will be no relevant active antioxidants found in any of the Açaí juices or liquid products offered on the retailer’s and supermarket’s regular shelf.
Universal Taste offers Certified Organic Raw Açaí in individual Ice Ball Portions (a convenient way to consume the raw pulp in its natural flavor) as well as Freeze Dried Powder packaged in 90 Gram Jars ready to be consumed, and the Açaí Power Sorbet, an organic blend of pure Açaí Berries packaged in a 7 oz. ready-to-eat cup or available in Gallons (plain or mixed with Banana or Strawberry and Guarana Syrup). All these products deliver the highest amount of Antioxidants, Calcium, Iron, healthy Omega fats, protein and fiber into your bloodstream. This Açaí has the highest level of ORAC in the market - 20 times more than pomegranate and double that of blueberries. Read more about Açaí at www.Açaí
Gill Moreira, founder of Universal Taste Inc., introduced the first Açaí products to the world market in 1998, importing the product into North America in 1999 as part of UT’s Project S.O.S. Amazon Fund, a sustainable program inside the Rain Forest focused on growing and preserving Açaí. As well, Universal Taste works to support University of Florida’s research in the Rain Forest for natural health cures. For more information call 305-947-5532.